Transformer Prime Beast Hunters # 01 [VY] Beast Optimus (japan import) - B00A92K0JA

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  • Powerful Optimus Prime robot-to-vehicle figure

  • Converts from robot mode to truck mode and back

  • Ionic pulse launchers

  • Launchers attach in vehicle or robot mode

  • Figure comes with accessories

  • Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Class action figures are the ultimate warriors in the ancient conflict between the Autobot and Decepticon robots These mighty soldiers from the planet Cybertron have come to Earth to continue their epic battle with Optimus Prime and the heroic Autobots fighting to protect our world from the tyranny of Megatron and his Decepticons And now the savage Predacons have joined the fray blasting all before them with an inferno of dragon fire Beast HuntersThe hunt for the Predacons begins here A mighty army of robot beasts has allied itself with the Decepticons and their battle against the Autobots will decide the fate of our planet Each figure converts from toy beast or vehicle to robot and back With awesome action features amazing detail and a variety of characters to choose from there s something for everyone with Transformers Prime Beast Hunters toys each sold separately Collect your favourite characters pick your side and join the battle Includes Converting Optimus Prime action figure 2 Ionic Pulse Launchers 2 missiles Star Saber and instructions Officially licensed Brand new in clamshell packaging

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    Transformer Prime Beast Hunters # 01 [VY] Beast Optimus (japan import) - B00A92K0JA